2016 Election: America Exposed


Photo Credit: gettyimages

A dark shadow looms over many Americans today. Whether by name or by document, Americans face the grim reality that things are about to change. “Make America Great Again!” rings through some neighborhoods as a threatening reminder that racism, homophobia and misogyny are present, non-relenting, and now have power. It is surreal that a man with a pending child rape case and several allegations of sexual assault set against him has been elected a world leader by a country that is seen as a beacon of progress; a paragon of greater development where people are free. Is and was that all a happy illusion? Perhaps living here in California has sheltered us from the truth; the majority of Americans are threatened by and opposed to a country where the power does not rest in the hands of middle aged white men with century old biblical values. The truth that most of the U.S. does not believe in climate change or in a woman’s right to her own body. Today, I am not proud to be an American. It is clear now where America stands. We have been given a mirror and in it there is an ugly beast.


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